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Language courses

We offer you a wide range of language courses:

  • Czech for foreigners
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Finish
  • Italian
  • Oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian and others)
  • Slavonic languages (Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish and more)
  • German languages (Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • Roman languages (Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish)
  • Baltic languages

We focus on:

  • communicative and personal approach
  • quality language education and good pedagogical abilities of our czech and foreign teachers
  • professional teachers

Our services:

  • We specialize in courses of Czech for foreigners. We have had a lot of experince with teaching for companies and general public.
  • Individual classes of Czech for foreigners can be taught in any language you want. Public courses are taught in English, Russian or Czech.
  • We also offer indvidual classes of 40 world languages taught in English or Russian.
  • We provide proofreading, translation and interpretation from 40 world languages to Czech and English (vice-versa).
  • During summer we offer intensive courses in the beautiful surroundings of Krkonoše Mountains.

Language courses:

  • Courses for public: group and individual courses
  • Courses for companies: group and individual courses

„With us your tongue will untie!“