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We translate texts from a variety of areas:

  • General texts: from the field of culture, gastronomy, sport, great literature
  • Specialist texts: from the field of economics, law, pharmaceuticals, medicine, construction, logistics, electrical engineering, chemistry, telecommunications, information technology, agriculture, human sciences and other specialised texts from a variety of fields

Submitting a text:
We receive orders for translations by email, post, and courier or in person.

Delivery dates:

  • Usually within 3 days
  • Express translations within 24 hours

We offer:

  • legally certified translations
  • express delivery within 24 hours
  • translations from one foreign language into another foreign language
  • final proofreading of translations carried out by native speakers
  • confidentiality


We provide following types of interpreting:

  • simultaneous interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • legal interpreting (the interpreter has been registered by the appropriate regional court in the Czech Republic)
  • interpreting on the telephone
We can arrange interpreting in all of the languages indicated above.


We translate following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Slavonic languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian
  • Germanic languages: Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
  • Romance languages: Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Latin
  • Baltic languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian
  • Oriental languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese
  • Other languages: Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Finish, Hungarian, Persian, Mongolian, Turkish